As we grow our dental needs change.
We understand how important our first trips to the dentist are. Your children are cared for in a friendly, safe and happy atmosphere. 

Dentistry for Children

Our first visit to the dentist can be exciting, but also daunting with lots of strange noises, smells and people. We know how important these first steps are as a little patient and aim to make it an enjoyable trip. By taking care to build up a child’s confidence step-by-step, visits to the dentist can be fun and a positive approach to dentistry is created.

A positive approach helps prevent dental phobias and anxieties later on in life. Most children need little more than a check up and  prevention, but occaisionaly a filling or a clean is needed. We give a lot of thought as to the best approach when any treatment is needed and how your child is likely to react. It is so important to respect the confidence and trust a child places in us. With gentle and careful step-by-step stages treatment can be achieved with no loss of confidence. We even have children's TV to watch whilst having their have their treatment.

As children grow, we check to make sure the teeth and gums are developing correctly. We give advise on cleaning, demonstrate brushing and can analyse the pattern of the diet to prevent and maintain the teeth. Preventative fissure sealants are a great way to help ensure teeth never need a filling.

A little older and we check to make sure there are no orthodontic problems such as teeth impaction or crowding, If so, Tim can provide any orthodontic care required on the NHS.

We recommend professional mouth-guards for contact sports (not available on the NHS). As with all dentists, we can provide care for particularly anxious children, liaise to combine care with hospital dentists if necessary. For university or college students between the ages of 19 to 23 we provide a 30% discount for all routine private dentistry. Throughout our adult lives regular dental check-ups and maintenance will preserve teeth and smiles. We believe in a preventative and conservative approach.

Denplan is a payment scheme that allows you to budget for your care and each additional family member receives a 5% discount. Please click here to find out more about whether Denplan would work for you.