Tooth whitening is an excellent way of
revitalising the natural look of teeth without removing or reducing healthy enamel.

Dental Whitening

Teeth can over time discolour mainly due to a natural intrinsic process, but also due to extrinsic factors such as tea staining and smoking.
We provide two whitening services, both of which include a pre-treatment assessment. Home whitening involves taking impressions of the teeth and making study models from which custom fitting whitening trays are made. The pre-treatment shade is recorded and clinical photographs taken. These trays are then fitted and a home whitening kit is used to gently whiten the teeth in the comfort of your home. The process takes between 1 to 2 weeks, and it is important not to eat or drink anything which could potentially stain the teeth during this phase.

Zoom is a whitening process which is performed in the chair and can achieve a brighter result in just an hour. The teeth are carefully isolated and 4 applications of the whitening agent are applied to the teeth. A bright blue light then accelerates the whitening process. For best results a combination of home and Zoom whitening is recommended with an additional 7 days of home whitening which is included in the Zoom! in chair procedure. Click here for more information 

In chair tooth whitening in conjunction with custom made home whitening kits to achieve the most vibrant and natural capacity of your natural teeth.