Exciting advances in dentistry bring higher accuracy, less invasive treatment and fewer visits. 

Integrating digital technology with experience and knowledge.                                                                                                

Dentistry has always evolved alongside technological developments. With the advancement of scanning, computer designing and 3D milling, the digital workflow on offer has now reached a level which can reliably match and often exceed the best of analogue techniques.  We have introduced Cerec Omnicam, an intra-oral scanner system with years of development. An intra-oral scanner does away with the conventional alginate and silicone impressions. This enhances your dental experience by greatly increasing the comfort of treatment. Intra-oral scanning uses a relatively small optical camera which the dentist moves over the teeth to capture the image. This digital impression can be used to design veneers, crowns, implant work and much more. Crowns and onlays can be completed in a single visit without needing temporaries and second visits. We can match the shade and appearance of the natural teeth with your direct input to create beautiful outcomes. 

Our KavoOp3D Cone beam CT scanner allows us to take 3D bone scan of the bone which is especially useful in certain implant cases as well as other procedures. This allows us to measure accurately the amount of bone available allowing the optimal implant size selection and minimising the surgical procedures. Our CT scanner is one of the lowest dose to image quality scanners on the market.

We can even combine the image of the intra-oral scanner with the CT scan to place an implant in the digital sphere on the computer, then have a 3D guide milled which is placed over the adjacent teeth allowing the implant to be precisely placed without incisions or sutures.

Single visits for crowns, no incisions for implants and heightened overall accuracy. Digital dentistry enhances tried and tested techniques for your comfort and convenience.