Dental implants are the best replacement for missing teeth. 
With care they can look just like natural teeth, restoring both the teeth and the gums. They have excellent success rates and are very predictable.

Dental Implants

Choosing your implant surgeon is important and it can be difficult to know where to go. The outcome and success of implant dentistry is very much down to the experience, knowledge and skill of the surgeon. There are also many implant systems available with varying degrees of research and development budgets. It is important to enquire as to the training and experience a dentist may have and what system they use. Remember, as with all dentistry, you can always seek a second opinion from another dentist.

We provide a complete range of dental implant services. We can use Straumann, Nobel Biocare or MegaGen implants, being world leaders in implant research and development. All our implants carry a 5-year guarantee, and we have a number of payment options available including 0% finance.

Your first visit will be for an implant assessment. Mark will listen to your concerns and expectations. Then a careful examination of the mouth is performed to check the suitability for implant treatment. An X-ray of the upper and lower jaws is normally provided to check the available bone and to ensure there is no hidden infection or pathology. Impressions and clinical photographs are also taken. If necessary, as is often the case with implant planning, we can take a 3D Ct scan of the available bone. This is performed with our in house cone beam CT scanner - Kavo Op 3D, a new to the market, low dose high resolution and small field scanner.

It is important when considering implant dentistry that you understand the treatment and the expected outcomes. It may be that there are alternative treatments such as a bridge or a denture you may wish to consider. Once you have discussed the options with Mark, he will write to you explaining the treatment plan so that you have time to consider the options. At no time will you feel pressured into having treatment you are not happy with. If you would like to make another appointment to discuss any concerns you may have then this is welcomed.

Mark Vernon has over 15 years of implant experience and has completed implant training at both the Eastman Dental Institute and the advance surgical diploma at the Royal College of Surgeons. Mark has placed and restored well over a 1000 dental implants. Mark has taught restorative dentistry at Bart’s and the London Dental Institute and has lectured on Implants to postgraduate dentists.  Stathis is also highly competent at placing dental implants and being a specialist periodontist is able to provide excellent soft tissue grafts and aesthetics. In 2019 we plan to introduce implant training with our training centre for dental nurses and dentists. 

Digitally driven dental implants

Having both a CT scanner and an intra-oral scanner, we are now able to provide a fully guided implant system. For suitable cases, this does away with incisions and sutures greatly reducing the overall burden on the local tissues and healing and making for the most non-interventional implant placement possible. The implant is planned and placed digitally on a virtual digital model which identifies key anatomical landmarks to be avoided. A surgical guide stent is then 3D printed which allows us to place the actual implant though the gum in to the bone with a high degree of accuracy. The implant can be scanned and a crown fabricated in house to fit on top. 

With our in house CT scanner and intra-oral scanner, we can provide a full digital implant service. Guided implant dentistry.