A full orthodontic specialist referral services for both adults and children. 

Orthodontist Specialists

We are proud of having NHS orthodontic contract  allowing us to treat children on the NHS.

Many children find that as the adult teeth erupt they do not have enough room to sit in line with each another. Sometimes the upper and lower jaws do not ‘marry-up’. Orthodontics help to correct these problems by moving the teeth at key developmental stages. All registered children of the practice are checked for orthodontic development at these key stages.

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out within the practice without a waiting list. Tim has been performing complex orthodontics for over 20 years and if indicated can provide both removable and fixed orthodontic braces. Nicola Sharma is our specialist orthodontist having joined us in 2018. Nicola has a wealth of experience having worked for many years at a number of London teaching hospitals. 

With digital imaging equipment and with the ability to take intra-oral scans we can also offer Invisalign. This is a technique of orthodontics which does away with fixed arch wires and tooth brackets. Clear custom made 'aligners' sit over the teeth, incrementally moving them to a predetermined destination of straight and beautiful teeth. With the Cerec Intra-oral scan, a digital impression can be sent direct to Invisalgin in California, allowing a 'clin-check' digital mock-up of the expected out come to be sent back for your approval in just a matter of days. 

Children and Adult specialist orthodontics, utilising the latest treatment techniques. Inivisalign - the clear alternative to braces