We are a specialist referral centre for gum disease treatment and have our in house periodontist Dr Stathis Kouskounis. A  service of the highest expertise, and the best equipment, in a dedicated treatment room. 

Gum & Dental Health

Gum disease is common, affecting most of us at some point in our lives. Thought to be mostly genetic in origin, it is both precipitated and exacerbated by lifestyle habits such a smoking and a lack of effective plaque control. Over time and without intervention, the bone and the gums around a tooth root diminish until the tooth becomes mobile. Stathis is a specialist periodontist, meaning he has done substantial postgraduate hospital training to qualify to be on the specialist register. With Stathis we are able to treat the most complex and advance cases effectively as well as perform regenerative and grafting procedures.

Your dentist, as part of your dental examination, will assess the gum health. If required he or she can provide the appropriate gum treatment to help arrest and treat active gum disease. If necessary or if you prefer, we can refer you to Stathis, who will perform a detailed consultation to establish the best and most appropriate treatment. Once this initial course of treatment is complete, and after a healing phase, the gum health is reassessed. Specific regenerative procedures can be performed if required or Stathis will liaise with your hygienist to establish a maintenance regime. 


Up to 80% of us will develop some form of gum disease in our lifetime. With a dedicated specialist periodontist service and 4 dental hygienists with give the confidence, that should you develop gum disease, we've got it covered.