Why not have your best smile.

Teeth Makeovers

At the Vernon Dental Practice, by offering a comprehensive range of services these can be combined to meet your needs and wishes. We very much believe in conserving the teeth whilst enhancing the appearance and comfort. We do not believe in destructive ‘quick-fix’ solutions that are often seen on TV programmes.
Adult orthodontic techniques are recommended to improve crowded teeth. For most these cases we can treat them with Invisalign®. In more challenging cases fixed orthodontics can be used or combined with Inivisalign®. Phillips Zoom! in chair or home tooth whitening can revitalise the appearnce of teeth, obviating the need to remove any enamel.  In cases of tooth wear, aesthetic composite bonded to teeth, can restore or enhance their appearance. Being a fully digital dental practice, you can enjoy the great benefits of smile design and be a part of creating your new smile. A digital mock up of your new look teeth can be created and then templated onto your actual teeth before committing to the treatment.

Where the surface of a tooth is roughened or pitted then veneers can be placed to recreated the smooth enamel look. Veneers are very thin porcelain facings that are bonded onto the visible face of the front teeth. With great skill, the technician can create a perfectly natural appearance of tooth enamel, matching or enhancing the shades as desired.

Cerec - With Cerec by Sirona, we are able to provide intra-oral scanning and do away with traditional dental impressions. We are able to design your veneer and crowns chair side with you and create natural beautiful results in a single visit. With our onsite ceramic furnace we can 'try in' the crown, onlay or veneer to confirm you are satisfied with the form and shape before then applying characteristic details into the ceramic to create the perfect result. 

For more comprehensive aesthetic smile design cases, the digital impressions along with specific clinical photographs can be emailed to the digital dental laboratory, to permit a digital smile design workflow. This can be sent back by way of a Keynote presentation for you to verify before a 3D model is printed with which we can set about creating a new smile. 

As a digital dental practice, we use state of the art technology to create your perfect smile. Our Cerec intra-oral scanner can create a precise 3D render of your teeth which can be used to create and design beautiful natural looking teeth.